Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cleveland Burlesk: Part 2: Misc.

A selection of old newspaper ads from Cleveland, USA, promoting shows at various "burlesk" striptease clubs. (part 2/2)

Meet the farmer's daughter at the Village Barn
Cleveland Prevue of the Week (June 14, 1947 )

This was burlesk
Cleveland 1973 Musicarnival Program

The Love Nest
Cleveland Press (July 17, 1975)

Go Go Girls Nitely
Cleveland Press Showtime Magazine (September 1, 1972)

Broadvue Joe's presents: Go Go Guys
Cleveland Press (July 17, 1973)

Bikini spectacular contest
Cleveland Call and Post (August 24, 1978)

The Body Shop Lounge Barbi Doll direct from Vegas
Cleveland Press Showtime Magazine (September 1974)

Mr. Peters Pets and his Nature Playmates
Between Times (Cleveland Newspaper Published During Cleveland Plain Dealer and Cleveland Press Newspaper Strike).
January 3, 1963

Sorma's Show Lounge
Between Times (Paper published during the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Cleveland Press Strike). January 3, 1963

Girl show in total action! - Paris Adult Theatre
Cleveland Press Showtime Magazine (November 1973)

10 Most Beatiful Burlesk strip teasers... "as you like 'em"
Cleveland Press Showtime Magazine (November 16, 1973 )

French Quarters "Burlesk" House Live exotics
Cleveland Press Showtime Magazine (November 23, 1973)

The exotic touch... a veritable eruption
Cleveland Press Showtime Magazine (March 3, 1967)

Bathing beauty contest and dance
Cleveland Gazette (September 22, 1944)

14 Pussy Cats (count 'em)
Showtime Magazine (December 11, 1965)

Copenhagen Photo Studio
The Sun (Cleveland, Ohio) (December 7, 1974)

Connoisseur Books
Cleveland Press Friday Magazine (12/4/81)

El Patio Lounge
Cleveland Call and Post (2/4/67)

Tawana's Lounge
Cleveland Call and Post (Aug 5, 1978 )

The New Cow Shed
Cleveland Prevue of the Week (July 20-25, 1946)

Midget Auto Races / Gay 90's
Cleveland Prevue of the Week (March 1947)

Lenny's all-star show
Prevue of the Week (January 25, 1947)

152 Showbar beautiful dancing girls
Cleveland Call & Post

Hot pants and hot tops party at the Mayflower Lounge
The Cleveland Call & Post (8/7/71)

Pinky's Famous Saloon
Cleveland Plain Dealer (September 19, 1986)

*All images from the Burlesk Set at Flickr. By ClevlandSGS


Anonymous said...

PINKYs LAST to go...bout YEAR 2003...THEY TRIED...BROOKPARK WANTED to take over..EX 'hon' MAYOR JOHN COIN who HAS/had a DRINKING PROBLEM ALONG w/drug thing n WOUND UP PASSED OUT NAKED ON SOMEONES driveway n lAST HEARD was this consultant n MEANTIME BLDG became a USED SAAB outlet store WHICH THEN FINALLY SHUT DOWN but THAT ONLY lasted like 2 yrs n NOW MT...LIKE quite a bit of THAT stretch...Mez THINK THEY had plans for auto dealerships but welllll NOW got METRO LEXUS n such soooo who needs ALllllllll the rest of it....SUSPECT SOME AIRFREIGHT outfit,etc.etc. to tell truth w/all the FANCY NEW places, outcalls,Cra*gslis* which did NOOoot exist when PINKYs was at its height,etc.

COULD REMEMBER attempts at MASSAGE services...THAT KINDA died fast...NOT even 1/2 yr...WAS were EX MOVIE house USED to be....

Anonymous said...

WITH Allllllllllllllllllllll the shutdowns,mergers,auto n steel n basic industry chaos,etc.GOT A LOT OF GALS thou THEIR apts,food,cars,EDUCATION ie. "nursing"/psychologist,etc.etc.etc. Hey...GUYZ had THEIR thrills...AT THE END JUST like HOLLYWOOD NITES on BROOKPARK rd.CLUBS sent oOUT PATROLS complete w/ROTTWEILLERS....SOME 'working girls' TRIED>......STILL got THAT runnin round down on Detroit,etc.etc.Hey....NEVER ends...JUST shifts around,etc.etc.

LETS see HOW far EUCLID CORRIDOR project AMONG OTHERS gets....GALS like to get THIER kicks,etc.etc.MOST are GBLT...

DOLLHOUSE was a TRIP tooo...real action..BASEMENT...ANYthing...SEEN better days..THE Federated Auto store across from Broken wheel...hey...HomieHeaven..had its days...RAN for awhile...GALS OOkkk...sorta..back in 1990s...

SAMS down on W.25th GONE..bout 2004...NO idea wha happened...ol tired DARK STILL THERE ......

Anonymous said...

PARIS down on W.25th...Looooooooooonggg gonnne...YEARS...SUSPECT same w/PINKPAINTED 24 hr shop. WHICH OHIO law did in...ohhhh welll....SOME guyz were *$*@...STILlll have *$*@ of allllllllll stripes floating around sooooo...BAR next door STILL there...

EVERYONE goin UPSCALE corporate complete w/fax mach,@mail,etc.etc.WHO has the $..welll lawyers,etc.etc.

WHAT is w/the handicapped symbol in word verif.slot...

NOW got allllllll this *$*@&^%$$## scaryshi& floating around...SUSPECT swingerclubs n rest did in toooo...BUT IF GUY NOT ALlllllll THAT,in a hurry,etc.

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